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Selected Works Gallery
1500 S. Western Ave.
Ste. 114A
Chicago, Ill. 60608

To our community in Chicago and beyond,

It is with hearts as heavy as they are full that we announce the closure of Selected Works with one final exhibition. It has been a wonderful run and we’re proud of the work that we’ve done, the work that we’ve shown and the work that we’ve enabled.

In the theater they call the work a play and that’s always resonated with our approach.

We want to genuinely thank the artists, collectors, curators, and critics who supported us since we opened and who created a substantive and meaningful conversation through the inevitable highs and lows all businesses face. We also owe a great deal of thanks to everyone who has visited and engaged with our programme. And, of course, we thank all of our artists, who have challenged, inspired and motivated us throughout. The gallery would be nowhere without them.

We welcome new experiences as we follow our bliss and are grateful to all of the artists who have made the last many years of our lives less ordinary.

Before things grow too maudlin, the true purpose of this missive is to offer a chance for one last exhibition, one last moment of convening, one last glass of champagne. The Long Goodbye brings together a beautiful show of many of the artists whose work we have presented, with whom we have collaborated, and who have inspired us throughout this time.

The Long Goodbye features works by Dianna Frid, Chaz Evans, Alberto Aguilar & Alex Bradley Cohen, Jenn Smith, Dana Bassett and Liz McCarthy alongside a publication with remembrances by notable artists, art historians and critics Lori Waxman, Hannah B. Higgins, Chris Reeves, J.F., Breanne Trammell, Elliot J. Reichert, Ben Segal, E.H.R. Smith, Sam Korman and Kristi McGuire.

We wish you the best and most and hope to see you February 2nd, from 4-7, with a performance at 5.

Thanks for everything,
Love always,
Selected Works

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